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Deep Clean

Panoramic Pools specialises in advanced pool maintenance and cleaning technology.

We provide services in both the commercial and residential sector ranging from swimming pool maintenance contracts to complex industrial deep cleaning services and tiling projects.

Our industrial deep cleaning services have been specially formulated to remove the build-up of scale such as calcium and bicarbonates, body fats, mould, mildew and bacteria on tiles, grout, scum channels, pool covers, water slides etc.
Periodic deep cleaning is an essential part of leisure management in the most commonly used wet areas like showers, changing rooms, toilets and around the swimming pool, to help tackle the build-up of scale and body oils.

Tiled surfaces lose their appearance and become slippery increasing the risk of accidents and encouraging bacteria growth.

All products used are environmentally friendly, non-fuming or toxic and taint-free, and will not affect pool or spa water chemistry. 

We offer free consultations where we will be happy to demonstrate our products onsite prior to any contract commitments.

Services include

* Leisure Pools

* Hydrotherapy pools

* Domestic pools

* Spa pools

* Swimming pool maintenance contracts

* Hotels, schools, caravan parks and other establishments.

We hope that we can be of great service to you and should you require any further information regarding our services please do not hesitate to contact us.

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